Every game of slots with free spins on registration UK that you get to play in the United Kingdom operates with a license issued by the British Gambling Commission. Without an authorized license, no slot game can make itself accessible to players in the UK. Now, the Gambling Commission has banned slot games from allowing players to buy bonuses.

In this article, we will tell you why this ban has been implemented and how you can overcome it.

Reason for the Ban

Prevention of gambling addiction is among the top priorities of the Gambling Commission in UK. So, how does preventing players from buying bonuses help prevent gambling addiction? Actually, players used to spend tons of money to purchase tons of bonuses. Many seemed to forget that bonuses make your chances of winning high but not absolute. So, there were many who ended up spending much more. On top of it, more and more people started gambling as they hoped to win jackpots by buying their way into it. Seeing this, the authorities decided to implement a ban.

How to Overcome it?

Some developers have succeeded in finding ways of overcoming this hurdle. They have made an interesting tweak in the design of their slot games. They have come up with a special feature that allows a player to place a stake which is more than the maximum bet permitted. With this, you are able to unlock bonus rounds where you get:

Higher RTP

Slot Game Return to Player Rate

(Before Exceeding Maximum Bet)

Return to Player Rate

(After Exceeding Maximum Bet)

Black Magic Fruits 95% 96%
Cash Stax 94% 98%
Hercules – High & Mighty 96% 98%
Moon Shadow 96% 98%
Ooh Aah Dracula 96% 99%
Pearl of the Caribbean 96% 98%
Soldier of Rome 94% 98%

In the bonus round, players have a much higher chance of winning a reward than otherwise. This is reflected by the increase in the return to player rate of the game during the round. Bar Crest is a developer that uses this feature in many of its games.

Extra Symbols

During bonus rounds, more wilds and more scatters get added in the reels. This helps the player a lot because:

  •         Wilds can replace any symbol on the reel.
  •         Scatters can give you bonuses and jackpots.

In some games, instead of adding more wilds, the wilds that were already there just become sticky. A sticky symbol is when the symbol stays in display and that particular reel does not spin like the others do.

Final Thoughts

One thing that must be kept in mind is that players should not get carried away. Slots can be enjoyable. Getting to play at bonus rounds is definitely a thrilling experience. Nevertheless, you should keep your gambling habits within a safe limit. Make sure that it is you controlling the habit and not the habit controlling you. Many online casinos partner up with Gamble Aware, a non-government organisation dedicated to the cause of combatting gambling addiction. If you ever notice yourself slipping away, Gamble Aware can help you.

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