Picture it: it’s the middle of summer, and you’re home from a long, hot day at work. Before anything else, you turn on the AC to cool down your house for the evening. The last thing you want to see is a leak.

Leaking AC units are a fact of life, and they’re usually easy to repair. But if you don’t get them fixed quickly, they can cause more serious problems. If water damage to your home isn’t bad enough, a damp environment can cause mold and put your health at risk.

Luckily, most air conditioning leaks are easy to fix. Read on to find out how, and to learn when it’s time to call in an air conditioning repair service.

Common Problems and Easy Fixes

To prevent any damage to your home, turn off the AC unit right away! From there, you can investigate your unit and find out what’s wrong.

Here are some common causes of air conditioning unit leaks, as well as tips on how you can fix them.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Your indoor AC unit produces condensation which ends up in the drain pan. Moisture then passes through the condensate drain line and into the outdoor unit. But over time, algae and mold can block the line, which causes leaks in the indoor unit.

You can clear small build-ups by unscrewing the cap on your drain line and pouring in a quarter cup of vinegar. Larger blockages will need a wet-dry vacuum, which you can find at your local home improvement store.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your AC unit needs to be cold, but it shouldn’t be frozen! If your air filter is blocked and airflow to your evaporator coil is restricted, the coil can freeze over and drip water. This also means it can’t take in heat, so you may also notice that your home is too warm.

Checking and clearing your air filter regularly should form part of your routine AC maintenance. If you think you have a frozen evaporator coil, check the air filter for any blockages. You can also make sure that the air vents on your unit aren’t covered up.

If these fixes don’t work, the problem may be more serious. You should reach out to an air conditioning repair service for advice.

Damaged Drain Pan

Underneath your AC unit, you’ll find a drain pan. It’s there to collect any condensation from your unit, so if it’s cracked or damaged, it may be causing leaks.

This drain pan will usually be removable, so you can inspect it and replace it if necessary. But there might also be a second drain pan underneath your unit’s evaporator coil, which is fixed in place. You can use a wet-dry vacuum to empty this pan and check it for any damage.

If this pan is broken, you’ll need to call an air conditioning repair service, as you won’t be able to remove and repair it yourself.

When to Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service

There’s never a bad time to call an air conditioning repair service. If you’re daunted by DIY or not sure what you’re doing, a professional service will always be glad to help you out.

When looking for an AC repair service, it’s best to go local! One of our favorite local AC repair companies is Lyons Air and Heat in Greenville, TX. You can check out their website at https://www.acrepairsrockwall.com/ac-repair-greenville-tx.

Cool for the Summer

It’s easier than you’d think to stay ahead of your AC maintenance needs, whether you’re doing it yourself or calling an air conditioning repair service. Don’t wait for something to go wrong – check your air filters and your drain pans now, and stay cool when the temperatures start to climb!

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