Hello everyone meets again; come back this time. Let’s talk about the hemp trend regarding the use of hemp in medicine or the aspect that it is not just a drug, so we want to pick up this issue as a small tidbit. Let everyone read it. Today, many cosmetic factories would like to invite beauty followers to People who wish to create their brand. To get more suitable products, you have to buy products from a good CBD products in the CBD shop in Switzerland.

Let’s update the story of this hot ingredient a bit. Recently, news has come that the Thai government has changed the law. To provide an opportunity to bring cannabis marijuana to study and research for medical benefits and used to treat diseases under the supervision of a physician and the use of hemp in cosmetics. Effective January 12, 2021, Hemp, also known as (Hemp) is a plant in the same family as cannabis. Hemp contains CBD, which helps in some medical ailments such as pain relief, and muscle relaxants. It Will have a higher quantity than cannabis; therefore, it is not considered a drug.

list of contents

  1. Products from hemp – cannabis
  2. Properties of hemp extract
  3. Why is CBD popular in the beauty industry?

Hemp products – cannabis

Abroad, there are many cannabis-based beauty products, such as body oils, soaps or lip balms, and sometimes even residue. As an ingredient to use for scrubbing the skin clean. Including reducing inflammation of the skin. Currently, hemp oil can Be legally used as an ingredient in cosmetics. It can be in all types of cosmetics, such as soap, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, exfoliating powder, or lipstick, but must have a THC value of not more than 0.2%.

The leaves can be used for many purposes. Since it is food, medicine, and cosmetics, it is extracted into essential oils for use in the cosmetic industry with skincare properties to moisturize the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, sensitive skin. In Switzerland, Hanfpost CBD shop will be the best solution for you to buy CBD products.

Properties of hemp extract

Properties of Hemp Extract, rich in vitamin ADE and fatty acids, will help the skin look healthy. It also has many benefits for the skin, such as

  • Antioxidants slow down aging, reduce wrinkles
  • inhibit cell degeneration
  • reduce inflammation of the skin
  • stimulate the production of collagen
  • oil control
  • Reduce scars, dark spots, and redness caused by acne.
  • Add moisture without clogging pores.

From the properties above, read Looks interesting. But beauty disciples may still have some concerns that Are it safe to use these hemp extract products? Is there a chance to make us doze Get High? Or are there any side effects? CBD cream factory Let me tell you here that using skincare products that contain CBD won’t cause any unpleasant symptoms.

Why is CBD popular in the beauty industry?

Previously, CBD was found in serums, lotions, creams, lip balms, mascaras, soaps, and medical drugs. All of the ingredients you will get in Hanfpost CBD shop. To treat skin disease for a while, we’ve begun to see celebrities like Kim Kardashian sharing their favorite skincare routines, which contain CBD, until it became a buzz forcing us to come back and find out why Famous superstars are obsessed with these ingredients.

At Hanfpost cream factory, they are ready to make your dreams true. They are prepared to help you because we have been innovating and developing formulas, cosmetics, creams, serums, and other products from Hemp Extract (​CBD) by a team of scientists. And branding specialists. Whether it’s ODM or OEM, we have a professional team ready to take care of you.

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