For a lot of people, the choice of the right jewelry seems quite complicated. On the surface, it’s a minor thing but the right accessory can either ruin a combination or make it all come together quite nicely. Second, you need to be aware of the fact that there are pieces that work on some people but when someone else tries wearing them they just seem somehow off. Here’s a guide to help you out with all of this.

Jewelry to Match Your Apparel

The simplest criterion for choosing suitable jewelry is to buy something that goes well with your apparel. For starters, you need to think about the occasion at hand. You cannot wear the same jewelry to a black-tie event that you would normally wear on a night out. Second, take the neckline into consideration and try to find the best match. Here, your safest choice would be to try it out and see if it’s a great fit.

Based on Your Skin Tone

It is even better to base your choice of jewelry on your skin tone. You see, you will change your apparel, sometimes even changing your entire style based on the occasion, however, your skin tone and undertone remain always the same. Your ethnicity, biological factors, and genetics affect your pigmentation and level of melanin.

Picking the metal

The most common skin tone groups are cold, warm, and neutral. Each of these tones has its own preferred type of metal. For instance:

  • Cold skin tone is great for lighter metals like silver, white gold, and even platinum.
  • Warm skin tones go great with gold, copper, brass, and rose gold.
  • Neutral skin tones are the most versatile and you have a much wider selection of colors to choose from.

All in all, you must first figure out your own skin tone, look at your options and then pick one that you like the most. With any jewelry or accessories, it comes down to your personal preference. Still, it’s usually good to already have an idea of what you’re looking for before heading to your trusted local jewelry store.

Choosing the gemstone

The rules for choosing gemstones are, more or less, similar to those of choosing the metal for your jewelry – you pick it based on your skin undertone.

  • Cold skin tones give bright colors a chance to shine. Pearls, blue sapphire, and amethyst are the best choice. Other great ideas are ruby, emerald, opal, and even zircon.
  • Warm skin tone goes great with earth colors. Red, yellow, orange, and brown stones of any kind will look great. Needless to say, yellow diamonds are always a top choice for those who are looking to make an impression.
  • With neutral skin tones, any gemstone is a good idea.

Picking the right gemstone and metal for your jewelry will make all the difference in the world.

Finding Your Birthstone

Now, for those who want to get more in touch with their spiritual side, there’s a belief that different zodiac signs have their own preferred gemstones. Some people believe that birth months and birthstones have a secret connection that may allow them to unlock a secret karmic potential.

For instance:

  • Garnet is the birthstone for those born in January. According to some beliefs, it is a stone that, when granted to the person born in January, brings passion and happiness.
  • Amethyst is a February birthstone and it is believed to help enhance one’s intuition, as well as help them relax.
  • People born in March are often quite communicative, which is why aquamarine may be the perfect stone for them.
  • People born in April have a greater chance of finding love when gifted diamonds.
  • Those born in May are more likely to encounter love and kindness in others when gifted emeralds.
  • Pearls are the birthstone of those born in June and they are a symbol of purity and simplicity.
  • Ruby grants protection and helps with the vitality of those who are born in July.
  • A person born in August should wear a peridot for protection.
  • They often say that people born in September tend to be quite sincere. Wearing a sapphire is believed to enhance that trait.
  • Tourmaline helps people born in October express their creative side.
  • People born in November should wear topaz, seeing as how it is believed that this particular birthstone will help them increase their strength and intelligence.
  • Finally, those born in December just cannot go wrong with turquoise.

Regardless of whether you believe any of this or not, having a story behind the gemstone in your jewelry can be a nice touch. It is also a great icebreaker in conversations.

The Shape of Your Face 

Choosing jewelry like earrings is a lot easier when you know what goes well with the shape of your face. For instance, while people with the oval-shaped face can carry virtually any type of earrings. However, when wearing longer jewelry, your face will look additionally elongated. This is why it’s not recommended to people with already long or rectangular faces. A heart-shaped face will look great with earrings in the shape of a triangle or even “chandeliers”.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not just your earrings that you should choose based on the shape of your face. While sitting behind the table and your elbows are on its surface, chances are that your hands are somewhere near your face. The same goes while you’re touching your face, brushing your hair, all in all, a lot of scenarios where your hands and your face are in the same frame. Keep this in mind when choosing rings and bracelets and try to match them to your earrings.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind. First, your apparel and your jewelry have to match. Second, both the metal and the gemstone of your jewelry should definitely be measured against your skin tone. Third, the shape of your face should be a key factor when it comes to picking your earrings, as well as your hand/wrist accessories. Finally, feel free to take your personal preference and your spiritual beliefs into consideration.

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