Instagram is a social media website that focuses on sharing photos and videos rather than text, and people love it. Instagram has over one billion active users.

Instagram is a great place to stay connected with friends, follow your favorite brands, and discover new things. Some people even make their living off posting on Instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram account, it can feel like you are missing out.

Don’t where to start to create an Instagram account? Follow these social media tips to get your Instagram up and running in no time.

Download Instagram

You can sign up for Instagram from your computer or by downloading the app. You can find the app by searching the App or Google Play store on your phone. Then, hit the sign-up button to begin creating your account.

Sign up with your email, phone number, or Facebook account.

Create an Account 

Once you sign up, Instagram will ask you to create a profile. Your profile will include your name and other personal information. You can also upload a profile picture and write a bio to tell other users about yourself.

Once signed in to Instagram, you can actually create and switch between multiple accounts. So you can use a personal and professional account from one phone. You can change your email on Instagram later in your account settings if you don’t like the one you initially chose.

Navigating Instagram

Now that you have your profile, you’ll be taken to Instagram’s home page, which shows you content from people you follow. The icons on the screen will help you engage with and share content on Instagram. From there you can find all of Instagram’s features, including Reels and Shopping.

Follow People and Brands

Once you’ve explored, you’ll want to follow some accounts whose content you enjoy. You can click on a user’s profile picture to be taken to their profile. At the top of their profile, you’ll see a button you can click to follow them.

How to Post on Instagram 

Instagram has several types of social media posts. Your posts can be a single image, a group of images, or a video. Post online by hitting the plus button, then choose an image or video from your camera roll.

Once you’ve picked an image, you can edit it using Instagram’s filters. You can then add a caption with whatever words or emojis you like. Add hashtags in your caption so your photos can reach more people.

Instagram also lets you tag other people in a post, so they get notified and can engage with it. You can also add a location so it shows up in Instagram’s feed for that place. Instagram also allows you to share posts to other social media profiles if you have them linked.

Beyond posting to your feed, Instagram has several other ways to share content.

Reels are 15-second short videos that appear in the Reels section of Instagram. IGTV allows you to post videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes if you have an IGTV channel set up on your account. You can also add short videos and photos to your Stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

Notifications and Security 

Once you start posting on Instagram, you’ll receive notifications for likes and comments. These can quickly become overwhelming. You can control the notifications you get by going into your notification settings.

Instagram lets you control who sees what you post and allows you to make your account private. You can also download and backup your Instagram data. Instagram also allows you to report and turn off comments to protect yourself online.

Master Instagram With These Social Media Tips 

With these social media tips, setting up an Instagram account is easy. Once your account is set up, you can engage with friends and favorite brands. Then, create and share your photos and videos to build up your own following.

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