If there was anything to learn from CES 2022, it’s that bathrooms are the smartest parts of the home now. There are free-standing tubs with LEDs and bathroom mirrors that can tell the weather. There’s no need to say it, but we’re in the future now.

In this new future of smart homes, even common people are embracing new tech. Statistics say that 15 out of every 100 homes in the US are smart homes. Also, nearly half the Millennial population in the United States has a smart device at home.

That number will continue to increase. That is because you don’t need to be a member of an elite society to have a smart home right now. As more technologies enter the market, the less wealthy have more access to the latest tech too. Plus, it will be at affordable costs.

Read on as we explore some of those latest tech pieces your smart bathroom should have.

The ‘Experience’ Freestanding Bathtubs

It’s been a few years since the Amazon Echo Shower announced the new era of smart baths. Many free-standing tubs have come out with creative edges have come out since.

One of such is the Infinity Experience free-standing tub by Kohler.

The Kohler addition makes for a robust bathroom with freestanding tub innovations that will improve the bathing experience. The highlight of this bathtub is the relaxing fog inspired by Japanese-style hot springs. It is decked with LED lighting effects to make you enjoy your bath. But that’s not all. With Perfect Fill tech, this tub will make sure the water level is perfect. At the same time, the temperature is also kept at safe levels.

The market is rife with competition, and you get the joys. Toto still rivals that Kohler Infinity bath with their weightless bath. Even it came out two years ago.

In the weightless bath, users can experience almost total weightlessness. Even the design is in a reclining position to mirror astronauts in space. Among the many praises for this bath, is the Red Dot Award.

The Smart Showers

‘Smart’ in this case has nothing to do with being able to read out news. After all, you can’t listen all that well while washing. Instead, some showers have come with intuitive responses. The shower knows when to come on and go off. That’s what makes it smart.

The major benefit to this is the amount of water you can save. Hansgrohe smart showers promise to save 60% of your water consumption. It also ensures that you enjoy a steady flow rate even when the pressure is different. You save energy and water with this one.

The Non-Contact Buttons

Touchless tech finds the most use in public spaces. To stop the spread of diseases, these options are important too. Besides, people have always wished not to have to touch public supplies. Now, it is very much a reality.

The Roca EM1 is a prime example of touchless options in use. Since we all have to touch the flush button in toilets, it is the least safe part. With the EM1’s infrared sensor, no one needs to touch the public flusher again. Except, of course, if they want to. The integrated sensors pick up movement and can tell if you want a full or half flush.

Even as the pandemic mellows out, hygienic solutions like the EM1 will be too many soon.

The Smart Mirrors

From lighting to virtual assistants, smart mirrors have a lot of potential. No longer will Snow White’s mother-in-law be the only one that can speak to mirrors. With the newest releases, mirrors can help you with your schedule while you bathe.

For now, though, mirrors that can control ambiance are the popular ones. The Edison mirror by Origins Living is a great instance. You can change the warmth of the ambiance of your bathroom depending on your desire. 

You can switch from cold white light to the warmest hues at the touch of a button with the Edison mirror. With that, your smart home can have that extra sense of texture and art to it.

The Heated Floors and Drawers

Imagine stepping into the warm floors from your colder bathroom. Technology can afford us that kind of therapeutic experience now.

These heated floors make use of radiant heat, and that has many benefits. Compared to traditional heating systems, radiant heat uses less energy. Also, you enjoy the benefits of the heating system for much longer compared to the other means.

Another heating system is the modern drawers. They keep your robes and other clothes warm as you clean up.

You can set exact temperatures for both of them using modern heating systems. They’ll bring the spa experience into your every day until life becomes a vacation.

The Smart Mat

Floor mats can be annoying. If the plumbing is not great, floor mats can even become useless. So, tech is bringing a lot of relevance to floor mats this year.

New floor mats might come with in-built scales to tell your weight. That would be mind-blowing already, but there’s much more. The mats measure other details that it uses to find out your health status.

The mats can measure your body to mass index (BMI). It will also provide some other health insights like your posture profile. It can also suggest exercises to help you to fitness.

The mats usually come with a companion app. All information that the mat gathers usually gets sent to the app as notifications. The app stores info like the water weight, body fat percentage, or bone mass. It also stores muscle mass and even the resting heart rate. This way, you can check in real-time when the rewards of your diet and exercise start to pay off.


After the terror of the pandemic, it is nice to finally see the future we dreamed of taking shape. They seem functional, but the latest bathroom technologies have comfort as a priority. If your bathroom will step into the future, then this article has given you 6 new pieces it needs.

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