With tons of underwear styles and designs available in the Australian market, finding the perfect option for work or personal use can become challenging. So, this article highlights some of the best underwear types every woman must have, from a perfectly fitting g-string to briefs or bikinis.

1. G-String

For those who cannot identify them from all the other underwear types, look for the one that’s skimpy and thin. It’s perfect for women who aren’t comfortable without wearing anything down there but still want to feel as if they’re going commando. And the huge upside to wearing this skimpy underwear is how regular pants or shorts won’t have that outline, something that can be noted when wearing thick undies. It’s also a viable option for the hot summers, and it can be really attractive to look at too. Meanwhile, fashionable g-string undies are estimated to make up for a significant part of the revenue in the growing Australian lingerie market for the years to come.

2. Thongs

Thongs are a comfortable option for women who don’t find g-strings too pleasant. However, besides the thickness of the fabric and the straps, there’s not much difference between the two.

3. Shorts

Probably the most comfortable option out of all, short or boyshorts, though initially designed for men, were soon produced for the women customers, replacing the square base with a more thong-style design. They are helpful when wearing a skirt or a frock and even can be used as pyjamas.

4. Briefs and Bikinis

They are the perfect everyday wear for the office or work. Briefs are mostly looked down upon due to their unattractive design. With a more traditional cut compared to some of the modern designs in Australia, briefs offer the extra coverage some of the undies mentioned fail to achieve. On the other hand, bikinis are the sexier option than briefs, and one might say that they’re the perfect blend of thongs and briefs. And, you can try looking for cheeky underwear if bikinis are too bold.

5. High Waist Undies

Are you looking to adorn a more vintage design? High waist Undies were the popular go-to for swimwear models back in the day.

When rummaging through these options mentioned above, some might feel that at least a few options like thongs may not be a comfortable fit. But, don’t let the looks be a distraction as many skimpy undies are way comfier and snug than they appear, although they do need some getting accustomed to. So, to make the best purchase, consider these factors:

The Fabric

Cotton is the most popular option in Australia when it comes to undies as it offers a fair degree of breathability and is a healthier option. Meanwhile, for more stretchability, try laced undies. Silk and satin are great choices too, but they are better reserved for those times when women want to feel confident and positive.

Checking the Rise

Don’t give way to embarrassment when going out in public, and always check the rise before buying undies. The best way to avoid this is to change up the size, opt for longer shirts or avoid jeans and pants that have a low rise.

Choosing the Right Size

Although conventional wisdom can argue that women must choose the proper fit that remains snug, choosing a size that is a level up from the measurement is not a bad idea either. A bigger size can offer that right comfort and fit instead of tightening up the waist and leaving creases on the skin.

Practice Healthy Habits for Wearing Such Underwear

Always wash and change undies frequently to lower the risk of bacterial infections. And as an added note, it’s better not to wear them every day too and switch it up with other underwear styles. However, don’t be afraid to try out new designs and experiment with different styles. Remember, wearing underwear is supposed to make a woman feel more confident, not break it.

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