There are more than 11,000,000 households just in the United States that own RVs. Popular as second – or primary – homes and as a vacation vehicle, buying an RV is more popular now than ever before. But is owning an RV really everything it’s cracked up to be?

If you’re curious about traveling in an RV, we’re here to help. Here are five of the greatest perks to buying an RV for your family.

1. Easier Vacation

One of the best reasons to purchase an RV is to make your vacations easier. When you go on vacation, spending money on room and board is arguably the most intense expense. Hotels, AirBnBs, renting a vehicle, and travel rack up bills in the thousands for even modest vacations.

Owning an RV makes this easier by serving as your room and board! Most campgrounds are RV friendly, letting you park there at a much lower cost than rooming would usually cost. You can also use your RV as transportation, especially for longer distances, though parking can sometimes prove difficult.

2. Money Saver

If you’re looking for RVs for sale, you’ve noticed they aren’t exactly cheap. But despite the high price tag of these second homes, they’re actually a great way to save money. Companies like RVW are often able to get you a fantastic RV at a lower cost than competitors while still helping you claim the tax write-off!

In most states, RVs are a tax write-off. They count as second homes and are taxed accordingly. Because of this, having an RV can save you a huge amount when tax season comes by.

3. Private Comfort

Traveling is a stressful task that can leave us all wanting a bit of privacy. Being cramped onto a plane, long-distance bus, or train can lead to annoyances and discomfort.

With an RV, you’re your own traveling accommodation. Driving road trips with your luxurious RV makes it so you can stop when you want and keep going at your own pace. Make snack trips, rest stops, and anything else to keep your travel personal and comfortable.

4. Second Home

Purchasing a house is difficult, and financial difficulties can make keeping a house just as hard. With an RV, you never have to worry about the stress of being without a home.

In the worst-case scenario, an RV is comfortable and even luxurious as your home. It’s a fantastic safety blanket that you can easily live out of while you work to plant your feet again.

5. Pet Friendly

One of the most difficult parts of traveling is finding a way to take care of your pets. It’s often tough to bring them, but paying for someone to take care of them is pricy and stressful.

With your RV, you can bring your pets along without any difficulty! You’ll enjoy every step of the trip more with your best friend along for the ride.

Buying an RV

No matter what your reason for buying an RV is, you’ll love your decision. Look into the many types of RVs to make sure that you’re getting one that best fits your uses.

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