If you love eating fresh figs, then there’s no doubt you’d also be enjoying the flavour of dried figs. Did you know that edible fig cultivation dates back to 9200 BC? Yes, that’s how figs came to have a rich and long history as the fruits became a symbol of many different things in the world’s major religions – Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Here’s why they’re a must-try.

 Reasons Why You Must Try Organic Dried Figs

1. Dried figs are highly nutritious.

If you think fresh is healthier than dried, think again. Nutritionists say both fresh and dried figs contain identical nutritional profiles. Figs aren’t called a superfood for nothing – they have the highest fibre and mineral content among nuts, fruits and even veggies! Imagine this, a single serving of dried or fresh figs can give you 6 per cent of the daily value for iron and calcium; 7 per cent for potassium.

2. They have a unique taste different from all other dried fruits.

Organic fruits have this peculiar taste, especially in their dehydrated state and their sugar content is not diluted by water anymore. Experts say that the organic dried fig’s sweet, savoury and nectar-like taste is a must-try for those of you who haven’t tried it yet. The naturally-dried fruits result in a soft, chewy texture, nearly caramel in the taste as others attest.

3. They are considered the world’s sweetest fruit.

With natural sugar content of around 55 per cent, the so-called ‘fruit of the gods’ can be the sweetest fruit in the world. This is because after the fruits have gone through the drying process, only the water content is removed yet its sugar content becomes concentrated. This gives it a unique sweetness different from all others. Hence, diet-conscious people should only consume moderate amounts.

4. These fruits are promoters of good health.

Overall, dried figs are full of vitamins and minerals that can help counteract nutritional deficiencies. Specifically, they are good sources of dietary fibre, vitamins A, B complex, E and K as well as the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium and copper. Being alkaline, figs help promote the balance of the pH levels in the body, enhance bone density, reduce blood pressure likewise relieve constipation. High in superior quality antioxidants, dried figs also help delay the ageing process.

5. Dried figs are versatile fruits.

Truth be told, dried figs can be used in many different ways. Eat them as they are, for breakfast or as a snack. Blend them with your raw desserts, pair them with your favourite energy bar or if not, use them in your preferred recipes. Try simmering the dried figs in water for a few minutes and you can have a juicier, plumper beverage any time of day. Whip up a mouth-watering meaty spread by stuffing prosciutto or bacon and dried figs in your sandwich. For the sweet tooth, mixing dried figs with dark chocolate is an amazing delight.

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