Did you know that up to 50 million people experience car accident injuries every year? This statistic is shocking on its own. It’s even more shocking when you consider how many of these injuries could have been prevented or at least mitigated.

While you can’t control the behavior of others, you can control your own. With a touch of preparation and caution, you can avoid almost all types of car accidents and the injuries that come with them.

In this article, we’ve compiled our list of the top ways to keep yourself safe on the road. Read on to learn more!

1. Strap In

Even the best drivers are somewhat at the mercy of other commuters. Because you can’t always trust other drivers, wearing a seatbelt is non-negotiable for road safety.

For the driver and the front-seat passenger, a seatbelt reduces the risk of death by up to 50%. For rear-seat passengers, a seatbelt reduces the risk of death or injury by up to 25%.

Furthermore, if you have a child, be sure to use child restraints that are appropriate for their size. This can prevent up to 60% of child deaths and injuries on the road.

2. Red Light, Green Light

When the light turns green, many people just gun it into the intersection. Most of the time this is fine, but what happens if someone in the cross-traffic decides to run the red light? You can get T-boned, which can cause serious injury and even be fatal.

When the light turns green, take an extra second to look both ways and make sure that the cross-traffic is stopping before you go. In addition, be sure to check for pedestrians who are trying to cross against the light.

3. Take It Slow

Keep an eye out for speed limit signs, and always obey them. Studies have found that speed limit reductions decrease the number of car accidents by almost 30%, and reduce injury severity by 67%.

This suggests that most auto accident injuries can be prevented or mitigated by just slowing down. You can avoid a few tickets too!

4. Don’t Let Bad Drivers Off

Bad drivers are likely to re-offend and continue making the same mistakes on the road. So, if you’ve ever been injured in a car accident, it’s worth taking the time to sort it out with an auto accident lawyer.

In this way, not only will you be getting the compensation you deserve to treat your injury, but you’ll also be making the road safer by preventing bad drivers from reoffending. Get local attorneys here to see how they can help you.

Avoid Common Car Accident Injuries Today

While not all accidents can be avoided, with a bit of caution you can prevent almost all car accident injuries. Surely your safety is worth a few extra seconds to buckle in, look both ways, and slow down!

If you enjoyed learning how to prevent common causes of a car accident, we have tons of similar tips on our blog. Check it out for more!

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