When you think about stickers, your mind might immediately jump to fun little collectables kids exchange on the school playground. But stickers can be much more. In fact, they can be the marketing tool you have been waiting for. 

No matter the size of your business, or the industry you are working in, custom stickers can help you streamline your campaigns and simplify your strategies – all while elevating your product’s packaging

In this article, you will find our three favorite ways of using stickers to create classy packaging. And it is super simple too. Find your sticker maker of choice, pick your material, shape and size, lean back and relax! 

But before we relax, let us take a look at how exactly you can reap the benefits of custom printed stickers for your business. 

Limited edition labels 

Nothing is more luxurious or classy than a limited edition product range. It tells your customers that this product is specifically desirable – and only available for a limited amount of time. By making a purchase, they automatically become part of a selected few that were lucky enough to get their hands on your limited edition. 

While the psychology behind limited edition products is a little complex, a promotion like this is very easy to action. Once you have decided which product to release as a limited edition, think about the color scheme you want to create. 

Especially if you are after a classy look, we recommend looking into gold and silver vinyl stickers. They do not only draw attention to your promotion, but also highlight the high quality of the products you offer. This can immediately transform your startup into a premium brand. 

Packaging seals

Even if you do not run a special promotion, you can use stickers to level up your packaging. One of your favorite ways to use them is as packaging seals. This way, you not only brand your packaging, but also secure it, ensuring a great unboxing experience. 

This tip works on different levels of packaging: you can use packaging seals for your products – then, they also work as quality seals, proving that the product has not been opened before – or to secure your shipping boxes. 

You can let your creativity run free with either option and include product or brand features as you see fit. Also think about the material you want to use. If you are working with minimalist designs, a clear label can add a great finish to your look. Or maybe you exclusively use compostable material? Then complete your branding with biodegradable paper stickers. 

Personalized messages 

Now that your product packaging is taken care of, think about what happens after your customers have reached the point of sale. This applies to you whether you have a physical store or run an e-commerce business. 

Especially since unboxing videos have become a viral trend, your customers’ post-purchase experience should mark an essential part of your marketing efforts. It is time to think inside the box. Using stickers, you can quickly add value to their unboxing experience.

We are big fans of personalized messages that greet your customers as soon as they open your packaging. You can add these to the lid of your boxes or simply add a die cut sticker with every purchase. There are many ways you can hide little easter eggs in your packaging. This can even be a discount code for their next order that only becomes visible once the product has been used up. 

You see, there are no limits when it comes to custom stickers. Make your packaging stand out today by following your top three tips. Do you have any additional tricks you want to share? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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