Are you looking forward to practicing your tactical and diplomatic skills? Well, whether you declare yourself a history lover or a decent Real-Time Strategy (RTS) player, we strongly recommend you to explore the following options we gathered for you. Here, we brought together some of the greatest examples for strategy video-games of all times, and we are sure you are going to have so much fun while undertaking these adventures. So, if you have what it takes to become a leader, keep reading and prepare for the ultimate gamer experience.

10. Offworld Trading Company

As you may anticipate by the title, this game is all about the production forces, as well as manufacturing and commerce of all kinds of available assets. You will have the task to work on the market by defeating competitors, acquire surplus merchandise at a low price and sell at a convenient price what is needed by consumers.

9. Battletech

This game is situated in a unique story with great narratives, it was created in reference to a famous tabletop game.It will be necessary to blow your opponent strategically in order to disable certain limbs.

8. Northguard

An exciting setting with viking empires, you will have to undertake battles in the midst of the hostic Scandinavian weather as well as its terrible wildlife. Besides winning battles you will need to help your clan to grow.

7. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

It is a must to mention this amazing game if we are talking about strategy, here the challenge is to guide several civilizations through some incredible historic events, such as the Spanish colonization of America.

6. Politics And War

This incredible strategic game allows you to create your own nation and rule it according to your ideals and values. If you like to be a leader and defeat your opponents with great tactiques, you should explore it. An advantage is that you can play it on your browser for free.

5. Factorio

It is considered a strategic genre game but in its own terms, as you will be required to build the facilities of a factory, which will work as defenses in an alien world. So, you really want to build a solid fort.

4. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

If you are looking for an entertaining game for beginners, this is  your go to. as you will be allowed to easily coordinate your colonies thanks to its friendly interface. In addition to this, the interesting story will keep you motivated as you go.

3. Total War: Three Kingdoms

The context for this game is ancient China, where you will need to use all your skills in order to win the epic battle. If you have your PC and can afford the fee, you are set to get started.

2. Alpha Centauri

A recommended option if you like playing in science fiction based on aliens and humans. It includes simultaneous multiplayer options, it allows you to practice diplomacy and spy your enemies.

1. Iron Harvest

This game is set in Europe around the year 1920, right after the end of the Great War, surrounded by a military atmosphere. You will find soldiers as well as tanks and more importantly, battle machines.

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